NanoReg2 video explains Safe Innovation Approach

We live in an age where technology is advancing at a dynamic speed. Uncertain risks are a growing concern with the speed of so many new innovations and new products being developed. To find a solution how to deal with this ongoing technology developments on one hand and the uncertain risks on the other hand is one of the tasks in the NanoReg2 project.

This has resulted in the Safe Innovation Approach (SIA), which is a combination of the Safe by Design (SbD) concept and the Regulatory Preparedness concept. The basis of SIA is that innovators and regulators are more aware of safety from the early stage of innovation onwards, that there is better interaction between industry and regulators and regulators are better prepared for innovations.

There are many potential benefits of SIA including reduced time required for R&D, innovators are better prepared for future regulatory changes and everyone can benefit from more cost-effective innovation. A short video to introduce the Safe Innovation Approach being developed in NanoReg2 can be found in this short video.