NanoReg2 Closing Meeting

NanoReg2 Public Meeting - February 26, 2019

The NanoReg2 project comes to a close in February 2019 and the consortium is delighted to welcome wider stakeholders on Safe by Design plus Grouping and Read Across of nanomaterials to join partners in Paris to understand advances in nanomaterials safety, regulatory planning and standards.  The meeting is free of charge and you will have the opportunity to discuss with partners in detail, project impacts on your own work.

Draft Agenda

9:30  Registration  and Coffee
10:30  Welcome
10:40  NanoReg2 Project Overview - Emeric Frejafon (INERIS)
11:10  Grouping and Read Across: Advancing regulatory pathways for nanomaterials in NanoReg2 and beyond - Andrea Haase (BfR)
11:45  Industrial Value Chain Demonstrators: Commercial application of Safe by Design - Araceli Sanchez (IOM), Isabel Rodriguez (Gaiker), Javier Fuentes (Nanogap, Cesar Merino (Grupo Anatolin)
12:15  Safe Innovation Approach and Safe by Design in NanoReg2 - Cornelle Noorlander (RIVM) ans Blanca Suarez (TEMAS)
12:45  Lunch
   The Legacy of NanoReg2: For research, policy, regulation and commercial development
13:45  The Legacy of NanoReg2 - Sean Kelly (NIA)
13:55  The Future of Data from NanoReg2: Continuing to build on data in Europe                                                                                     Overview given from NanoReg2 - Emeric Frejafon (INERIS)     NanoInformaTIX - Willie Peijnenburg (RIVM)                      NanoSolveIT and  NanoCommons - Iseult Lynch (University of  Birmingham)                                                                                PATROLS - Lang Tran (IOM)
14:35 Moving from Nanosafety to Governance - Creating a trusted ecosystem for nanotechnology                                              Gov4Nano - Adrienne Sips (RIVM)                                              RiskGONE - Tommaso Serchi (LIST)
15:15  Coffee Break
15:30  Discussion on Securing the NanoReg2 Legacy                           Panel Discussion:                                                                              Chair: Claire Skentelbery (NIA)                                                         Panel: Emeric Frejafon (INERIS), Steffi Friedrichs (AcumenIST), Iseult Lynch (University of Birmingham), Rob Meier (DSM), Raquel Pueles (Avanzare), Phil Sayre (nanoRisk Analytics)
17:30  Wrap-up - Emeric Frejafon (INERIS)
17:45  Meeting End
17:00-20:00  Buffet and Drinks Reception - All invited. Hall of the Amphithéâtre

Registration - Public Meeting, February 26.

This one day meeting is open to all interested stakeholders and is free of charge. REGISTER HERE.


NanoReg2 Consortium Meeting and Generation Assembly - February 27, 2019

Draft Agenda

8:30  Arrival and Coffee
9:00  Welcome - Emeric Frejafon
9:10  Feedback and Discussion of Public Meeting
10:15  WP1 Report
10:30  WP2 Report
10:45  Coffee Break
11:00  WP3 Report
11:15  WP4 Report  - with presentations from industrial partners on VCDs
12:30  WP5 Report
12:45  Lunch
13:45  WP6 Report
13:55  WP7 Report
14:10  Exploitation, Publication and Dissemination of Results
14:20  Managing NanoReg2 Data After the Project
14:50  The Future of SIA and SbD Tools
15:20  Coffee Break
15:35  Standards Emerging from NanoReg2
16:00  General Assembly
17:00  Wrap-up and Close of Meeting


Registration - Consortium Meeting, February 27.

This meeting is open to NanoReg2 partners only and all delegates will be invited to register through a separate link for both meetings, supplied through direct email.  For all queries regarding registration for the Consortium meeting and General Assembly, please contact office[at]nanotechia[dot]org.


Meeting Logistics


Both meetings will take place at the Amphithéâtre Buffon Université Paris Diderot 15 Rue Hélène Brion, 75013 Paris. For information on how to reach the venue click HERE.


You can find HERE a list of recommended hotels near the venue.